Sunday, March 15, 2015

Daily Speed paintings 1-51

So a goal I am trying to keep up to this year is to make a daily Speed painting/ Study, in order to improve my sense of color and value, environment design, as well as my paint application and Work flow.  So Far I have 51 one of these and I will keep posting my progress every few weeks or so, or when I  build up enough that I feel like I can make a big post.   Some of these are looking at reference for color and value, or composition, some of these are me trying to accurately Match the colors I see with paintings or photo I really like. some are longer than a few hours, some are less, but at least for now, I wasn't trying to time myself, just work out my problems until I feel ready to call it a dat.

Character Fashion Sketches/  Designs study.

Will post more of these soon.  -Jon