Friday, December 28, 2012

Advanced perspective Junk

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Hey Guys!  It's been a crazy semester, so I apologize for not having updated in a while.  Most of the stuff on here is gonna be Advanced Perspective stuff for my class here AAU.  The first set is more sketch and 'rough' work for my final project for the class.  This project was designed to be a Game Project called "Core Shadow", keeping that in mind:

(Marker and Pencil Sketch/study)

Fly-Bike studies
Enemy Soldier/ Multiplayer character Sketches

Major and side Characters

Enemies monster

Hero and Main Characters

More Pencil and Marker Creatures

Robots that are possibly opposed or aid player

Some more Pencil and Marker Main Characters

 Render Main Characters

Main "Boss" Character Studies in disguised

 More Soldier Studies

Weapon Studies

 Creature Studies

Sketch Board 1 which is printed at 30 by 40 Inches

 Sketch Board 2

Here are some more Finalized paintings for this project, showing a wide range of things in the world of Core Shadow:

Our protagonist Lucia in her fly-bike

Another Shot of her Driving

 San Francisco (Circa 2130)

New L.A (2130)

The Boss meets Lucia for first time

Lucia Fights shadow morphed beasts in a sewer level

Lucia overseeing a water plant turned military base

Speaking with a foul one 

The final board which shows the arrangement and size comparisons for the 30 by 40.

Everything you saw before was the last month or so in class, but before all that we did a wide number of illustrations each week which went according to theme.   The first week was samurai, the next week would be geisha and so on.  Because I liked only a couple of them, I won't share the poopy ones. 

"Fighting the demon" (Samurai Week)

The fall of Noah (Noah's ark week)

"And you will build me a great ark"  (Noah's Ark week)

 "A killer in our midst" (Noah's ark week)

 "Security Checkpoint" (Noah's ark Week)

"Noah street" (Noah's ark)

As a little Bonus, here is some extra stuff I never got around to uploading, and one piece that is still rather early on the development stage, but I hope to develop into a big project for my portfolio.  I will hope to post more on this project as I develop it further, including more story ideas and the like, cheers!

Dracula Poster for those who pledged to our Kickstarter Ultrasylvania project!

"The deep Forest"