Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 7/ Color And light

Ugh, Not super content with these thumbs, still feel like I need to polish more.  But at least its a start?  I also really enjoy doing thumbnails traditionally.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Week 5: CGMA Homework.

So for this week I made up a little story called: "The Crazy world of Max", Partly based on A friend I grew up with in Vermont.  The assignment was to convey mood with light and color, so I took the same beats, and decided how the mood would look giving it a different color scheme and light situation.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


CGMA Art of Color and Light Homework:

WK4:  Color Photograph Studies.

                                                                    WK1  Value Studies.

WK2: Color Light.

WK3: Material Surface Rendering

Iscribble Study Sketches of some Scottsdale Fine art Paintings.

 Color Sketches, Iscribble.

Last Year I worked For A game that is hopefully gonna hit the masses soon. Here is the
Art Test I did for them.  

Part of the Same Universe as my Yakuza, Some art showing the differences between the
different gangs players could have joined.   All these are just dumb sketches I made because I'm dumb and I like Science fiction worlds.

Bones:  African Pro-Guerrilla Military group.  They like Creole Voodoo symbols, and
African Military motif's.  They like Big and heavy weapons.

 "Los Perdidos".  Mexican Cyber Gangs that pimp their Cybernetic limbs to show their 
power.  Crazy modifications.

"The Order".  A gang that believes in the superiority of machines to flesh, they barely resemble men.  Their secret society is mysterious, but the believe that only in becoming one with the hive mind of the online world, they can become immortal beings.
 The Anarchists:  Born from The post War internet culture, they fight on the streets with their computers, as well as their revolutionary weapons.  Very colorful and enjoy all out madness of the world.
 A Yakuza Higher up.  Wearing fancy suits, smoking fat cigars, being tough and Smart sets them apart.
 The Muscle:  Yakuza youths, tend to  come when no one else would take them.  The bigger ones tend to stick around and survive.

Art Tests I did for Break time that unfortunately didn't lead anywhere.

A Painting for Curpigeon you will all hopefully see very soon.